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April 20, 2011
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RAf mech WIP by Rob-Cavanna RAf mech WIP by Rob-Cavanna
Knee jerk response to a massive amount of mech reference data provided by the ever generous :iconthomastapir:
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CalebKane Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2011
Oh noes. Dreaded land-air mechs! xD
Rob-Cavanna Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2011
flaketom Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2011
Sweet design and the color job suit also perfectly for an RAF mecha!Especially like the gray parts, with the rough zigzag pattern. Only things which comes to my mind is that I wouldn't spred the fingers that far out, and the feet seem a tad to oriental ( if know what I mean) and I'd give them aanother joint in the front and make them bigger, so they could cope better with the ground pressure. But then, bigger feet would destroy the overall composition.
Rob-Cavanna Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2011
Not too sure what you mean by 'Oriental'. Unless you equate tiny dainty feet w/Aian style mecha. They definitely are rather small for the body, which does remind me a bit of Shirows landmates -big thighs and legs that taper doen to smallish shins and feet. Like samurai armor too. Oriental in that way?

Another foot joint might not not hurt. These feet have no 'roll' ability, same flaw as the other rough mech I did. Apparently, they can only pitch up and down...

This was a result of some of that mech reference you saw in the dropbox folder. Tom Duffy sent me 2gigs worth of the stuff on a datastick. The dropbox files are actually just a small portion! (including other armor/creature it was more like 4 gigs total!)

So naturally, after seeing all that mech amazingness I felt like knocking out a random new design real quick--
I hope it has the same effect on you too! ;)
flaketom Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2011
Nah, they remind me of shoes like this: [link] some turkish, osman,persian stuff. Dunno. Was the first thing which came too my mind. Small for the body is better! definitely! asian style in that way is good.
Yeah the mech stuff is amazing! Really inspiring, wanna do mechas, and I am also thinking about doing a dieselpunkish helicopter. wanted to do one for a long time but this stuff gave the perfect inspiration. Love all the Kow yokohama-ish stuff. Brilliant.
Have some mech stuff lying around on some external drive, dunno where it is,should dig that one up again. Maybe it lousy, but maybe not...totally forgot about it, came to my mind when you send me the stuff.
Also put some stuff into dropbox, which I used as refernce for the OPDS stuff, also just a part, but I though sharing would be nice, although you might know most of the stuff.
Okay till then!
Rob-Cavanna Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2011
Der! I see what you mean now. Pointy toes, of course. That sort of oriental. Yeah, guess I wanted something that would act like a helicopter skid. Maybe slide w/ sparks off a naval ship's catapult. For that matter, maybe a wheel insert would be good. But really not too deep in thought here, was just a very spontaneous notebook sketch that went further.

Kow is excellent reference for diesel punk style mechs. Especially the scratch-built models. Models always have a great advantage in terms of simulating dirt and grit + wear and tear. Kind of why the original star wars vehicles were better than the latter. Because digital art is, by necessity, created as a source of light (on the computer screen). Whereas models usually just swallow light and tend towards dirtier matte finishes. The low-tech nature of model building also lends itself to the very nature of retro military vehicles -always being fitted w/ little scraps, attachments and do-dads to keep them up to date tech-wise. (like the IR equipment on a Panther).

I'm psyched to see your dieselpunk chopper! Always loved your earlier sci-fi 'copter work.

Gonna go have a peek in that dopbox now...
flaketom Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2011
Like the ship-deck catapult idea. That is a nice edge too it.
You absolutely right about the models. They are excellent for the gritty and torn look.Big fan of crowded and filled vehicle. With little add-ons, fuel cans, boxes and whatever stuff is loaded.Never achieved it in my models, need to work on that one. And the texture is something I am really fed up, haven't found a nice renderer, with which I can easily achieve such thing. Maybe I am just to lazy and haven't tried enough...well :p
chopper is still just something what's in my brain, so will have to wait.
You seen this? [link]
Looks really amazing, although I am a bit pissed cause I wanted to do a motorcycle walker for a long time, but just didn't find the time, and now everything is just a mockoff. Grrr. Well I wanted to add sidecars, so maybe that sets it a bit apart. Still really like the design of the dust walker! Greatly done! The front machine guns are briliant.
Rob-Cavanna Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2011
Wow, that is a very cool looking moto-mech! No, I had not idea that DUST was producing that new model. It's almost the exact same as this one, isn't it: [link]
Except having seen that one first (and loved it), I really prefer the grey design more. The DUST moto-mech is sweet, but IMO if the vehicle is going to be that large, and built for speed, then the pilot/rider ought to have some sort of enclosed and possibly lightly armored cockpit. I imagine something like the Venus Wars Hound cycle: [link]

He just seems very unprotected. If it were half the size, I think an open motorbike seat would make more sense. But that's a lot of machine for a very easily picked-off rider. I do like the 4x.50cal weapon mount tho. Looks similar to the setup on the US M16 AA halftrack. [link]
and [link]
Same one used in the biped convert I suggested here: [link]
(sorry, went a little link wild there)

I should send rough the rough sketches I have for an OPDS armored motorcycle. I think we might have exchanged reference on that already when you did the track cycle. Sort of like this: [link]
Except it was enclosed and looked more like the ancient Sturmpanzerwagen A7V, with some of the Hound cycle vibe. (Can't find the exact image now, but that's enough links anyway). BUT I'm thinking that one would have a sidecar which would house some heavy weapon like a 75mm or even a Nebelwerfer. OR the sidecar also functions as a variable mount for delivering assorted Pzf hand weapons. Ah, here we go.. it was this guy: [link]
Except bigger, badder, sleeker, cooler, etc... :D
flaketom Featured By Owner May 2, 2011
totally agree about the size. I would have made it smaller, but then the quad .50cal wouldn't really work. Some sort of protection for a vehicle that big would make sense.
Link wild is cool, always something too see. Sketches are always sweet, wouldn't say no to them.
Got also a link. Yay: [link] , from a site where there are a bunch of strange military vehicles... sadly it's in Russian, so navigating it is a bit tough...
Rob-Cavanna Featured By Owner May 3, 2011
It won't let me access other images from there, but the snow vehicle is pretty sweet. Reminds me of your Snow-ski SdKfz-231, in fact. (Yours might be cooler).

Anything carrying 4x.50cal IMO is likely to need more than one crew member in any case. That's a lot of hardware for one very vulnerable dude.
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